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  How to Get MyVegas Blackjack Free Chips

  Although the MyVegas Blackjack game is much different than any of the other Play studios games as far as game play goes, the purpose for playing and the process of collecting free chips to play with is very similar.? As with the slot games, the easiest and most profitable method for collecting chips is through the links on this site.? But before you get myvegas blackjack free chips into collecting you should make sure the MyVegas Blackjack app is downloaded onto your device.? After you have done that you will then want to connect to Facebook through the app.? This will allow your Loyalty Points to combine across all of the Play Studios gaming apps as well as the Facebook version of MyVegas.? After you have taken these steps it’s time to start collecting chips by following the next few steps:

  Follow the links to free chips for your MyVegas Blackjack game by clicking on each of the boxes located on this page.? You’re only allowed to collect from each link once and after you have collected the box will change color to alert you that it has already been collected.When the new window opens up you will need to click on the OPEN icon to open up the gaming app and collect your free chips.? Click on the GREEN button and you free MyVegas Blackjack chips will be added to your chip balance.

  NOTE: myvegas blackjack free chips Free myVEGAS Blackjack Chip Links usually expire in about 48-60 hours.


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  More MyVegas Blackjack Free Chips

  ?Daily Bonus Chip Collection – In addition to being able to collect free chips for MyVegas Blackjack through the links on this page you will also be able to collect from the gaming app on a daily basis as well.? It’s one of the simplest ways to collect because all you have to do is open the app, which you have to do anyway to play the game.Time Bonus Chip Collection – At the same time you collect your daily bonus, and throughout the day multiple times, you can also collect from the time bonus.? Generally, these are available every two hours, meaning you can collect quite a few chips in a day if you open the app every couple of hours.? Emails with Free Chips – Just as with the other Play Studio games you can play for real Vegas rewards you will also get emails with chips for MyVegas Blackjack from time to time.? Be sure to check your Junk or Spam mail if you are not seeing any emails, as you may have to mark them as safe or add the address to your contact to make sure they go to your inbox.


  Coins for MyVegas Blackjack


  only way to earn the coveted Loyalty Points from MyVegas Blackjack is by

  actually playing the game.? While links

  used to provide a nominal amount of Loyalty Points, they are no longer offered

  and the only way to earn your way to real Vegas rewards as by playing all or

  any of the Play Studios games.


  Blackjack Game Overview


  MyVegas Blackjack app is very different from the other Play studios games

  because the games require a bit more skill than the various slot games.? Fortunately, Blackjack is a fairly simple

  game to play even if you have never played before and the most important aspect

  of the game is the same, the opportunity to earn Loyalty Points that can be used

  to purchase real rewards that can be used in fabulous Las Vegas.


  rewards for each of the casinos that you can earn Loyalty Points for differ and

  are always subject to change but in general you can get discounts on fine

  dining, free buffets, comp rooms and drinks and freeplay to try your hand at

  some real Vegas casino action.? And the

  best part is, the casinos you can use your comps at are some of the best Las

  Vegas has to offer.? Some of the

  properties you can get comps for include:

  Mandalay Bay Luxor Excalibur? New York New York The MirageAria MGMPark MGMBellagio and More!


  the rewards at each property are different there are enough options to make it

  possible to have a nearly free vacation in Fabulous Las Vegas!? All you have to do is collect the free chips

  through the links on this page and through the other options and get playing

  MyVegas Blackjack to start earning those Loyalty Points.? The more you play, the higher the levels and

  status you will reach and the more LPs you’ll earn so you can be in Vegas in no

  time having the time of your life.


  and Strategies for MyVegas Blackjack Gameplay

  Make sure you collect all the chips you can each day to

  maximize your gameplay.Learn the best ways to bet on MyVegas Blackjack to give you

  the best opportunity to win.If you notice you stopped earning Loyalty Points stop

  playing and save your chips for another day.Utilize your Loyalty Points the best way possible to get the

  most rewards.Enjoy playing the game and try to learn a little about it

  for your real Vegas trip!